works to improve the quality of life of all people, and in this search is not religion, race, gender, disabilities or any other characteristic.

We believe that the environment is a global concept that includes the diversity of animal, vegetable and mineral life, but also the human being is indivisible part thereof.

Our work is based primarily on three basic criteria, Sustainable Development, understood as Environmental Sustainability, Economic Sustainability and Social Equity; Social Responsibility together with companies to develop programs, projects and activities; and Research and Innovation that achieve the development of micro community enterprises, sustainable agriculture, access to water, sustainable management of forests, ecosystem-based adaptation, among others, to address vulnerability and poverty eradication.


  • Promote environmental education and Sustainable Development;
  • Promote studies to mitigate and recover areas undergoing ecological deterioration;
  • Promote the creation of sites evaluating and monitoring as demonstration plots;
  • Encourage the development impact of policies for sustainable development, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources.


  • Advise municipalities, universities, state and private organizations, as well as other social and political organizations in environmental and sustainable development issues;
  • Organize workshops, courses, seminars and conferences aimed at raising awareness and raise awareness regarding the issues on which we focus;
  • Identify problems and conflicts, initiatives and suggest possible solutions to improve the quality of life of society, promote sustainable take advantage of resources and human development;
  • Promote the exchange of information between governments and civil society;
  • Promote national, provincial and municipal decisions for effective environmental protection and the improvement of living conditions, especially the most vulnerable;
  • Informing companies and public entities on environmental issues to develop strategies to minimize impacts on the environment.

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