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FUNDACIÓN AGRESTE makes permanent solidarity campaigns to bring populations with lack of essential resources for development, or those who are possibly affected by adverse events, materials, tools and resources needed to improve their current living conditions and leverage their development.

For the success of these campaigns we ask the support of collaborators and companies, sometimes for general elements, which may be new, with some flaws or used (but still in usable condition) as clothing, footwear, shelter, hygiene items and cleaning, toys and books; and sometimes by specific elements as they can be tools, materials, equipment, medicines, special items for the development of an enterprise or action.

Economic resources are also needed, both for management and for the transfer of donations, which have a fuel cost and logistics that necessarily will be handled in money.

Over the years we have imposed two special dates campaign donations, including one for Children's Day and one for Christmas, dates in which children are most needed the shelter of a game, toy or book turn these special dates in moments of happiness, even in a framework of needs.

Also, and especially in recent years, we develop specific campaigns inside the country affected by adverse natural events such as floods and fires, particularly in the region Cuyo where our Pilot Site of socio-environmental assessment and monitoring on land degradation.