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FUNDACIÓN AGRESTE know the way we travel in the world has been changing for some years. Visitors are seeking new and exciting experiences, to contact directly not only with culture, landscapes and cuisine, but also with the people and the social and environmental reality of the country they visit.

“Estilo Agreste®” seeks to provide an alternative and a place in which to combine different types of tourism: ecological environmental, adventure, social and alternative.

Located in the Andes, the multipurpose complex, will work as a recreational center, educational, interdisciplinary and tourism studies in which healthy, cultural and environmental activities will be conducted.

It will not be a hotel, but tourists can stay there and establish a relationship not only with their possible partners but also with the locals. the construction is set as a healthy center of experiences to combat the stress of daily life from a different perspective arises.

There will be practice humanitarian  activities; there will be an orchard and a farm where visitors can harvest their own food, as well as a recycling center where they can learn different techniques using waste. They will be held various tourist excursions, but raised from a friendly approach to the environment.

The installation of a museum and eco-environmental library complements the implementation of activities and, in turn, arises in the same space, the possibility of developing clean technologies, bio and nanotechnology, so that students of different careers oriented on science and technology can find a peaceful and friendly place to perform their practices and innovations, concentrating their studies in progress on developing cleaner technologies for sustainable development.