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FUNDACIÓN AGRESTE You know that remains to be done. Because building a more just, more humane and dignified world, it is a daily work.

This proposal seeks to bring the possibility to those who want to donate Testamentary personal property or inheritances to be allocated to social and ecological order, preserving natural resources as a legacy for future generations.

This is an initiative that can guide the need of those people, institutions or legal entities wishing to bequeath property, furniture, values, etc. and allocate them to contribute to the fulfillment of social and environmental objectives of Fundación Agreste. At the same time allows many people who have no direct descendants inherit their property and give them a noble goal.

As a concrete fate of these legacies two initiatives are planned: on the one hand, an ecological sanctuary that seeks to avoid the depredation and deforestation, preserving native species and allowing visiting them sustainably, making for example, photographic safaris, day and night walks, and doing different tours to recognize natural environments; On the other hand, in a Environmental Awareness Museum, where teaching, educational, communication and technological materials associated with environmentalism and collected over the past 25 years by Fundación Agreste, may be visited by children, youth and adults, now future generations, allowing to know the history of environmentalism through tangible materials and the ways in which we have tried to to influence international politics raising awareness of the need to preserve natural resources.

Participate in these initiatives is easier what you believe, as it is done in the form of grants for specific purposes, for example, if you own life insurance, including as a beneficiary of the same in whole or in part to Fundación Agreste.

To make a donation of this kind or interiorizarte more about this proposal contact with us.

Your legacy helps us to continue working in the future.