FUNDACIÓN AGRESTE held every year since 2007 a solidarity campaign donations of games, toys, books, school supplies and accessories, clothing and shoes, to celebrate Children's Day.

During the first years received donations delivered to the Delta Islands and in the pediatric ward of the Hospital de Clinicas, so that every child in this day could receive a toy or children's book to celebrate their day playing and enjoying.

Since the eruption of the volcano Puyehue, affecting much of the Patagonia covering fields, villages, houses and roads with ashes for a few months, Fundación Agreste expanded the campaign to receive clothing and footwear for children as well as useful and school supplies to be delivered in the most affected areas.

The Mountain's Children Campaign is supported by the slogan: Play is a Right. Globally recognized and formalized from the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, and then by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, "the child's right to rest and leisure, play and recreational activities appropriate to their age and to participate freely (and fully) in cultural life and the arts" (...) by "appropriate opportunities, and in equal conditions".

In addition to entertainment and fun, the children develop their brain while playing capabilities. However, they play less and less. The environments of mountain areas, as well as being particularly vulnerable to changes in climate and use of natural resources, are mostly isolated and inaccessible places, where communities with fewer resources are for long unable periods to reach urban areas, medical care and other basic services. Children from these communities make long and dangerous journeys to attend school, and often under extremely adverse weather conditions.

Within the campaign it was, in addition to the delivery of individual children presents on their day, foresees the armed of playrooms, which are game space and discovery where children can explore, experiment, create, release the imagination and curiosity, self-paced and depending on the needs of each moment in development. Are meeting places where they can develop activities that contribute to physical and emotional development, learning about the world, himself and others.

TThe construction and armed these spaces involves from the conditioning of a physical space to recreational items (games, toys, books, teaching aids, etc., so also money donations are needed. You can also sponsor the playrooms to contribute to its support.

Participate in the campaign of this year! that all may receive gifts


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