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FUNDACIÓN AGRESTE conceives the environment as a global concept, and it works on multiple aspects and consequences that are occurring due to the processes of land degradation and loss of biodiversity.

We seek to draw attention to how important it is to know and prevent disease taking care of the surrounding environment to contain us appropriately.

One of the serious effects of environmental degradation on human health is the emergence and reemergence of diseases that were believed eradicated such as yellow fever, hantavirus, dengue, etc. and therefore, this program addresses various issues related to disease prevention, conducting awareness campaigns and dissemination for prevention.

Within this program was also created, in 2006 the Campaign A Day for Your Health, control, diagnosis and treatment of gynecological diseases. Thus, women aged between 14 and 50 years, have had children or not, with unsatisfied basic needs or who have limited resources, receiving medical care for a general control and necessary studies at no cost to patients. In addition, a talk with family integration prevention explaining what treatments are done previously carried out, along with an educational-informative talk on prevention of disease transmission.

Also as part of this program Tips Prevention Campaign, coordinated by Ms. Andrea Heredia (Medical Student) was performed. Given the fundamental importance of health in human development, Prevention Tips column, published monthly in the bulletins, aimed to promote awareness on issues of health prevention and hygiene.