FUNDACIÓN AGRESTE offers alternatives through the Professional Internships Program according to the time spent: 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year.

Participants agree to perform activities within their area of expertise, gain experience and achieve goals of short and medium term in a variety of areas and projects, both internal and external initiatives and programs in coordination with other entities actions. Whether in areas such as communication, editing, planning, accounting, fundrising and on different topics such as environment, social development and human, or political science, participants receive tools that will enable them to develop as professionals and implement their knowledge, favoring at the same time opportunities for beneficiaries of the organization.

Educational institutions interested in group practices directly consult us

General information

Most Foundation Agreste's activities are based in Argentina and South America countries.

When you plan your trip will have our assistance to different needs, such as finding accommodation, Spanish classes and safe transfer from the airport to the city and to other airportsas well as exchange insurance exchange and other issues.

We have available a helpline 24 hours from the time of your application to the program, and you have assigned a contact person who agrees with you to coordinate your Plan of Activities and as a permanent point of contact for any problems or queries that can arise.

Currently, one of the main research activities developed in the Province of San Luis and the Cuyo region. In area also is coordinating one of the pilot sites of the Observatory of Land Degradation and Desertification, allowing applicants to perform activities in the territory, whether participating in the activities Site Investigation and development initiatives the development of restoration practices (environmental and social) in situ.

What else we offer...

Our work is recognized by many organizations and the UN, we have signed agreements and are a member of various organizations, such as the UNCCD (United Nations Convention to combat Desertification), UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change); GWP (Global Water Partnership); Mountain Partnership, among others. So all our activities make a significant difference, not only in the personal life of the participant, but also in the curriculum vitae (CV).


The Spanish language is practiced at every moment in the activities of the Foundation whether to do your volunteer work in Argentina or other countries, so it is an ideal place to practice this language either for your professional and personal life.

If your interest can also receive an official certificate of practices in Spanish from the National University of San Luis (this requires your participation in projects undertaken in the province of San Luis), which also, as a member of the Interuniversity Consortium for Teaching, Assessment and certification of Spanish as a Second Language and Foreign (ELSE), offers those who participate in the program with the opportunity to apply for the Certificate of Spanish: Language and Use (CELU) certification internationally valid, and the only officially recognized by the Ministries of Education and Foreign Affairs of Argentina.


Non-refundable application fee USD 200,-
Complete the form to start your application

Program start dates

Start dates for the programs are completely flexible. You can apply at any time and coordinate your arrival date you need.

Asked participants not acquire passages arriving between December 22 and January 5, to allow coordinators and program participants share the Christmas and New Year with his family.

To start your application complete this on-line form


Membership - 4 weeks Program Membership - 3 months Program:
USD 1.500.-
USD 2.400.-
Membership - 6 months Program: Membership - 1 year Program:
USD 3.300.-
USD 5.700.-
All prices are in US Dollars


• Meeting on arrival at the airport or bus station
• Accomodation according to Plan of Activities and internal destinations (individual or shared depending on availability)
• General guiedance and major local references
• Positioning in volunteer activities
• Daily schedule of activities and activities coordinator person disposal 24 hours
• Chip of local cellular telephony (minutes are purchased separately by each volunteer)
• A field coordinator in each project
• Breakfast, lunch and refreshments on field visits depending on the project
• Certificate of participation in the program
• Certificate of Spanish practices (depending on destination)
• Visits to various projects and activities, according to the plan of activities
• Recommendation letters


• Travel insurance [must travel from their country of origin with health insurance and cover any kind of inconvenience]
• Visa
[the participant must make their own all formalities corresponding visa to stay in the country of destination for the duration of the program, as well as visas for the countries which make air or ground connections]
• Flight or land transport tickets
[program participants must ensure cover all costs of the tickets and other transfers, as well as related fees and airport services]
• Transfers from the airport
[we can recommend secure services for these transfers, whose charges will be covered by the participant except where expressly provided by the Foundation according to the Plan of Activities and place of stay]
• Local Transport
[service costs of public and private transport, short, medium and long distance, will be covered by the participant except where expressly provided by the Foundation according to the Plan of Activities and place of stay]
• Private Accommodation
[Fundación Agreste may recommend different types of accommodations whish must be booked and paid by the interested outside the program costs]
• Meals
[are not included in programs except where expressly provided by the Foundation according to the Plan of Activities and place of stay and / or field visits included in  plan of Activities]
• Formal Spanish Classes 
[recommend a basic level of Spanish to participate in the volunteer program. Fundación Agreste classes available are listed separately]
• Extra Activities [Any other activity outside the Foundation offers will be covered by the Participant]

Consult about memberships and programs

ATTENTION: membership payments and programs will be made only to the coordinator assigned to support and guiade you in the Plan of activities. The application rate of USD 200, - is payable on or from the country of origin before commencing preparation of the Plan of Activites and is non-refundable.

Travel Insurance and Visas

Travel insurance is NOT included in the program fee. We prefer to let participants decide what kind of coverage they need.

In case, depending on your country of residence, where you need to obtain a visa to enter and remain in the places where the activities will take place by the time your stay is extended, or for the corresponding scales your trip, be sure to take the steps necessary to advance to avoid inconvenience. The program does not include costs or processing of any kind Visas.

Volunteer Responsibilities

As a participant you have the responsibility to carry out the tasks that have been agreed with you in your activities plan. Applying to the program and jointly developing your activities plan, you commit to perform activities in accordance with the dynamics of the organization, including schedules, attendance and teamwork.

You must have a behaviour consistent with the laws and customs. If you commit an illegal act and/or a minor offence, you are risking your well-being and the entity. Fundación Agreste reserves the right to suspend the continuity of a volunteer in any project of program because of their behaviour. It is the responsibility of each participant to ensure that have all the documents and meet all the requirements to enter, including visas, vaccinations, insurance, tickets, etc., as well as having enough financial support to cover all personal expenses during stay.


Please read carefully the general rules for participation in our International Volunteer Program. By submitting the application, you confirm that you know and accept the following terms and conditions:

• You confirm that have read all the information on this webpage about the objectives of Fundación Agreste and its programs;
• You meet the age of majority;
• Do you agree that pictures taken (both photos and videos) on projects where you can appear be used on Fundación Agreste's website as well as in other promotional and/or dissemination material;
• Fundación Agreste is not liable for losses, cancellations or damages that may occur in the event of natural disasters, environmental conditions, fire, failure of systems or computers, acts of war, terrorism, or any adverse event beyond our control;
• Fundación Agreste does not provide travel or health insurance or for your belongings, and is not responsible for loss or damage of any personal property;
• The activities you do in this program are Pro Bono (Ad Honorem) and therefore you will not perceive any remuneration for the activities you perform;
• If you need that Fundación Agreste sign documentation (eg for access to scholarships or other EVS, insurance, etc.) must send it not less than three (3) months (90 days) before;
• You must make your reservation vacancy applying to the program (complete the form and pay the application fee of USD 200) at least sixty (60) days prior to the start of your stay.(*)

(*) From depends on the country, the volunteer will contact
our focal points or to make delegations face to face interview and book your vacancy

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