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FUNDACIÓN AGRESTE focuses its actions to achieve a better quality of life and how it seeks to achieve this objective, it is through education in environmental care enabling both initiatives that are sustainable and enable the poorest communities have access to a more dignified life.

Year after year we conducted several Travesías Eco-Solidarias® touring the country, seeking to make people aware of the importance of preserving natural resources, and support for the most disadvantaged communities.

Lack of resources, lack of basic services, a loss-urban areas, among other difficulties enhance the poor living conditions. All this combined with the distance and difficulties of access to education and health centers, curtails the right to the fullness of much of children from birth.

Each Travesía Eco-Solidaria® is a humanitarian project, in which FUNDACIÓN AGRESTE travel to an area that needs help, transferring donations to the community, from enduring necessities such as clothes, blankets and shoes, to toys, books, furniture and tools. However, it is not limited to a trip, but is part of an overall long-term project that begins several months before and continues after the visit.

This trips fit within the Social Responsibility Program (CSR), through the management of donations in cash and in kind, and the program "Let's Play the Match Against Desertification" as part of the outreach and education about this scourge, which are focused on awareness of its multiple causes-consequences such as soil degradation, drought and poverty.

The Travesías Eco-Solidarias® born in 2000, from the difficult situation experienced by Argentina and the crisis strongly affected the most disadvantaged communities. Meet some of the trips that we have made in Allen, Lavalle, Guaymallén, Bella Vista, Concepcion, Pigüé and numerous actions in the Delta, as well as special programs for Christmas and Children's Day

Your collaboration and everyone is important to reach more places. Your contribution, however small it may seem, is a great contribution to the work developed by FUNDACIÓN AGRESTE.

If you are interested in participating please contact us: